UnikBlends offers Customized outfits as we believe in you being part of the creative process to a perfect fit!


Provide your measurements by following our easy steps

Alternatively, indicate the average size (Drop down options)


I will like to make an animation to demostrate steps for taking body measurement


The below link I wish to use to create the graphics for the measurements. The words and picture is to be transformed into an animation to demonstrate how measurements are to be taken. Is this something you can do?? I have someone else to contact but if you want to give it a go, let me know first


SKirts/Bottom part of dress



Blouse/Top part of dress





Option 1 : Provide your body measurement

Measurements for a UnikBlends Skirt (So this comes up when it is a skirt option chosen)

1. Choose your UnikBlends Outfit - create link to African Printed Outfits

2.  Choose the African printed fabric you want - create link to UnikBlends Fabric

3. Get a measurement tape (in cm) and something to note your measurements

4. Stand infront a mirror and take the following measurements

a. Measure your hip - Animation, then a place to insert the measurement

b  Measure your waist - Link to Animation, then a place to insert the measurement

c Measure your desired outfit length, then a place to insert the measurement


Well done, you did it! Your Customized UnikBlends outfit is on its way.


Option 2:

Indicate your average size

Here I want to offer a drop down option for International body size. I guess this will be easy to set up before we have the illustration/animation set up.