One Apparel, Several Possibilities

Get inspired from our gallery of blends. Imagine endless possibilities to blend your clothes with our finest African fabric. 

This page should go under shop.

Shop has 2 sub pages: UnikOutfit (The gallery) & UnikAccessories (bag + others)

Since you already have the products in the shop I would suggest to only make a gallery of African fabric. This way we can keep an organised and user-friendly experience on the website.

UnikOutfit #1

Knee Length A Skirt

What style do you wish to create?

Create endless possibilities for your wardrobe.


UnikOutfit #2

Casual/Smart Dress with high Decorated Waist

Suit up.

Suit yourself.


UnikOutfit #3 

Flowing A line Skirt


Get one apparel & create endless possibilities.

UnikOutfit #4

Long fitted Dress


UnikOutfit #5

A line Skirt


UnikOutfit #6 

Casual/Smart Dress with high Decorated Waist


UnikOutfit #7

T-Shirt with high colar 


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