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Conscious Style Blogs (Jilly, lets use this material as intro for the blogs)

Did you know that we provide customized services that reinvent your current wardrobes to reduce the huge pile of textile waste generated. By 2030, it is estimated that a whopping 8.5 BILLION PEOPLE WILL REQUIRE CLOTHING!
The fast fashion industry is great at giving us dazzling items for every season but unfortunately, most of us are not aware of the organic and inorganic toxic substances (such as mercury and arsenic) discharged daily in huge quantities into waterways from clothing processing plants, which are mostly located in developing countries, far away from the retail outlets in affluent cities. The impact of polluted water by these chemicals include toxins building up in the body, possibly leading to cancers, acute illnesses, or other conditions. You can make a huge difference by choosing to rethink and make conscious decisions about your daily wear. Every conscious action, no matter how small has a tremendous impact globally. We are here to help you do just that by offering you the following wardrobe customized services:


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