UnikBlends is about Colourful, Happy Sustainable You!

UnikBlends promotes ethical, fair and sustainable production of contemporary outfits and unique accessories handmade from sustainably-sourced African fabrics.

We focus on Indigenous West African fabrics that are hand-dyed (Adire & Batik), handwoven (Aso Oke) or recycled because we believe in “Slow-fashion” that is based on traditional processes using locally sourced and environmental-friendly materials.

Our aim is to tell a powerful story of Africa that is rooted in Africa’s rich textile heritage, by providing products that are that are unique, modern and truly functional.

All our products incorporate the following innovative, inclusive and empowering sustainable principles:
1. Recycled fabrics: You are offered unique bags and accessories, hand-crafted from recycled "geles" and “aso okes”(African head-ties).

2. Handmade products because we believe in style that is slowly made and infused with love

3. Fair pay of designers and artisans, most are women, who set the price of their creations because we believe in ethical and transparent production that is truly empowering.

4. Natural Processes and Materials: As much as possible, we make use of handwoven and natural dyed fabrics, which are supplied to designers and boutique/fashion houses. This way, we avoid the use of harmful toxic chemicals, extensive use of water and energy, thus reducing your fashion's negative footprint on the environment.

5. Online shop which offers You the convenience of shopping with no physical building that requires transport to/fro, space and constant maintenance.

Stay Sustainable
Through our Mama Earth initiative, you also get valuable information on how to get and stay sustainable, just check out our blog for easy DIY (Do it Yourself) steps You can take, starting today!

Repaired, Repurposed and Reivented to Create Your Sustainable Style!

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