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UnikBlends promotes ethical, fair and sustainable production of contemporary outfits and unique accessories hand from sustainably-sourced African fabrics.

We focus on Indigenous West African fabrics that are hand-dyed, handwoven or recycled because we believe in 'Slow Fashion' that is based on traditional processes using locally sourced and environmental-friendly materials. 

Our aim is to tell a powerful story of Africa that is rooted in Africa’s rich textile heritage, by providing sustainable solution that is socially inclusive, innovation and empowering.

UnikBlends offers sustainably-sourced, brightly coloured and bold-patterned African fabrics, as well as uniquely handmade outfits and trendy accessories.

Our approach is a ‘slow’ – we inspire individuals to Rethink their fashion and make conscious decisions that reduces our collective negative impact on the environment. UnikBlends products are handmade by talented artisans, mostly based in Africa,. These skilful artisans largely use quality repurposed fabrics such as ‘Geles & Aso-Okes’ (African headgears). Indigenous African fabrics, fashioned by traditional ‘slow-making’ processes from locally sourced materials are also used.

By means of our onlinestore, social media and blogs, UnikBlends directly engages with and informs the a global audience about the designers and artisans behind each product. Other information provided include, origin of item, materials applied as well as tips on how to maintain and care for outfits – thus ‘Making it Last’.

UnikBlends actively promotes sustainable fashion by participating in events such as the annual fair fashion festival which hosts events in major cities of The Netherlands. Furthermore, UnikBlends is involved with several global fashion movements such as Fashion Revolution and Slow Fashion World to Redefine the fashion industry towards one that cares for people and the planet.

UnikBlends promotes, markets and sells contemporary outfits and trendy accessories made from sustainably-sourced African fabrics in Europe. We focus on Indigenous West African fabrics such as Adire, Aso-Oke, Gele, fashioned by talented African artisans, as we believe in “Slow-fashion” that is based on traditional processes using locally sourced materials. As our aim is to tell a different story of Africa, through Africa’s rich textile heritage and empower women, we therefore intentionally explore opportunities to partner with female African artisans and fashion businesses.

The partnerships I have formed with these four creative souls hold much promise for a more sustainable future. Through these partnerships, I sincerely hope to contribute and make a community impact, no matter how small, to a future of #zerowaste and sustainability so that the coming generations can reap the benefits of our efforts to sustain Mother Earth in every way possible.

Karolina, is responsible for most of UnikBlends repairs and repurposing projects. She gets a kick in experimenting with different fabrics, exploring new patterns and designs and creatively transforms them into amazingly new fashionable outfits and accessories, including curtains and luxurious cushion pillows. Karolina's love for detail and quality finishing leaves you dumbfounded with joy, as you behold what once abandoned, now breathing refreshing new life and functionality. 


I am so inspired by this girl. Mojisola is a student in Nigeria, studying computer science but her passion and artistry has led to a wonderful side hustle transforming locally sourced fabrics like Aso-Oke (as used in these bucket bags) intro trendy Denim BucketBags. She is a true artisan designer in every sense - so progressive in her values and attitudes about sustainable fashion. She has now created Mojisola NG, an African Fashion Accessory Company that creates products with 100% African footprint using indigenous Nigerian fabric and recycled materials. 

Evelin was born in Brazil although she is the daughter of Egyptian parents. She attended the University of Agronomy. After graduating she married a Dutchman and came to live in Amsterdam where she worked buying and selling flowers form all over the world. Today she is very enthusiastic about the work of creating original pieces. Evelin was the very first lady who transformed my old African fabrics into dazzling new accessories. I met her at a Christmas Market in Zoetermeer, Netherlands and her colourful display of bags captivated me. She made it possible for UnikBlends to kick off as she enthusiastically came up with unique ideas for the colourful fabrics I brought her way.


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