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Shop Sustainably

 A healthy planet is not an option.

It is a necessity

Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, only after agriculture – this is why UnikBlends only promote and sells indigenously hand dyed fabrics commonly known as ‘Adire’ in West Africa that applies a slow traditional process that is better for the environment, as it uses less amounts of water.
Furthermore, as much as possible,
organic dyes processed from naturally occurring materials sourced in Africa such as tubers, leaves, flowers and tree bark are used to create intricate designs and colourful patterns on fabrics which are then transformed into exquisite scarves, headbands and blazers.

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Discarded clothes are piling up in landfill sites and plastic fibre fragments are flowing into the sea with each washing cycle.Our solution to this buy-use- throwaway problem and pollution is: recycle to repurpose
All UnikBlends accessories, are handmade from recycled preloved African fabrics, inlcuding
Geles, Aso-Okes, typically worn at Nigerian weddings, and transformed into unique multipurpose accessories, making waste have a whole new meaning.

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