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SLOWDOWN & RECONNECT as you create unique patterns

from which emerges the wonder of colours.

Have a colourful celebration or event with a unique tie dye activity!!!

Private Workshops

Great activity for birthday celebrations, 

anniversaries, ladies night, team building or a family get together.

Ideal for groups of 2 to 6 persons, +8yrs,

from 25Eur p.p./ Dyes Incl.

Online and Live workshops possible.

Life should be simple with subtle reminders that we are human beings and not human doings…

Monthly Workshops

This is why UnikBlends organizes monthly workshops in creative spaces that are fun, light and warm offering you the opportunity to SLOW DOWN, (re)Connect and (re)Discover your amazing unique creativity.

Each workshop is lined up with a theme for these spaces are about creative conversation and exchange towards meaningful sustainable living.

Is your organization in need of a unique group based vocational training program?

Skill Acquisition

Contact us for a customized vocational training program which offers participants the possibility of acquiring hand dyeing basic skill; a source for decent work and a potential means to financial independence. Our Head, Heart & Hands program is integrated with coaching that supports participants in building resilience and forging a thriving community for your organization.

Previous Workshops

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