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Hand dyed clothing is a form of slow clothing that is meaningfully made by asserting an artisan’s idea into fabrics rich with individuality, authenticity and creativity.


The indigenous craft of natural dying of fabrics is a long, laborious process and generally takes a minimum of 15 days. The dyes are made processing some generic leaves, banana leaves and palm kernel shells in a semi-permeable pot clay which can be seen in the background of this image. Natural dying is an excellent technique because the dye water can be used to nourish and fertilise the surrounding plus it’s a way of preserving a dying tradition/heritage.


Buki, a Nigerian based artisan uses the Nigerian "Yoruba" hand dyeing  process to skillfully transform plain cotton into vibrantly patterned fabrics oozing with colour and love.


The fabrics are typically available in 5 yards with a delivery time of minimum 4 weeks as these gorgeous fabrics are handmade in Nigeria

Adire fabrics

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