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Authentic Masterpieces

I have always loved being surrounded by vibrant colours and this became heightened when I relocated to The Netherlands.

My Backpack, infused with African fabrics

Growing up in Nigeria, and later on in South Africa, I was surrounded by loads of bright and colourful fabrics. In Europe on the other hand, clothes tend to be darker-toned or employ fewer colour combinations.

I created UnikBlends, among other reasons, to bring some of the vibrant African Fabrics colours to my home in the Netherlands and share them with others. Colours makes me feel alive, and their beauty could be likened to our need for clean water and clean air.

Kerusha in Capetown with her transformed denim jacket

Freedom to Mix & Match

My love for infusing African fabrics such as gele, asooke and Adire into my style started when I was very young. My mum would make an entire outfit from an African piece and I because I found it too elaborate, I would request to have it blended with a plain top or place a denim jacket over it. Unknowingly, I started mix matching as a child, this is because my style is intentionally personalized by consciously infusing it with indigenous African fabrics and uniquely blended with a western touch.

Gaayathri, creating her own style with a customized UnikSkirts

As an adult, I have the freedom to explore blending with different textiles, creating unique outfits, bags and accessories that resonated my personal style and it has become part of the vision for UnikBlends. We offer people the freedom to create their our own unique look with our colourful patterned pieces which range from skirts, blazers, tops to bags and accessories like belts.

Exploring Sustainable Style

My initial love of colorful mixing to create a unique look has given way to style that purposefully incorporates sustainably sourced African fabrics. While recovery from a ruptured appendix, I made such a profound discovery and fell in love with sustainability which has come to define my outlook to life, including my clothing.

With fashion as one of the most polluting industry in the world and given the latest Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPC) special report on the impact of global warming of 1.5 degree celsius, there is real need for action. Action that I believe incorporates repairing, repurposing and reinventing into our everyday wear to make that difference.

Sustainable Style that is Bold, Bright Beautiful

It is about transforming our current wardrobes from a pile of waste to something new, consciously rethinking our style and been increasingly aware of the true cost of our fashion.

For UnikBlends, it is about being part of the solution by promoting sustainable style that is bold, bright and authentically beautiful for everyday use. As well as ethically creating unique vintage pieces and zerowaste bags and accessories through the innovative use of sustainably sourced African fabrics.

Handmade from repurposed African fabrics: Gele & AsoOke

So, if you are contemplating spring shopping, why not shop the New Way – let’s customize and transform your existing wardrobe into new unique and authentic masterpieces!

Meet us at out next event at Hofhouse on the 29th of March for what promises to be a fusion of great style, food and fun.

Expect the Unexpected

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