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Save the Planet...Take a Shopper Bag

Perhaps you have expereinced the same thing - couple of times,I have had to carry my shopping in my hands ...literally. This is due to the new policy passed in the Netherlands banning free plastic bags

Initially, this was a nuisance as I tend to forget to take a bag when I go shopping especially for "ancidential" shopping. You know how it is, you go out for lunch, walk through the shops, see something you need...perhaps its just something you want and then you grab it. Then you think , oh that will be good for dinner and oh, that is half price and before you know it, you have a full shopping bag only that you don't actually have a bag to put your shopping!

Well, as I do not want to get broke, paying 20cents for each plastic bag and I actually agree that these are bad for the enivornment, I have decided to have atleast one shopping bag with me ...all the time. No, not a plastic bag but my stylish Shopper bag in African print.

You can get yours anytime from UnikBlends.

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