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Facing the Challenge, Together

Me with my hand dyed t-shirt, at Kinderdijk

I stand beside one of the iconic windmills in historic Kinderdijk recalling the recent IPCC study that unequivocally states humanity’s code is RED!

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report warns of increasingly extreme temperatures, heatwaves, droughts & FLOODING. I wondered what could be worse than what Germany, Belgium and Netherlands experienced some weeks ago that left in its wake so much destruction, devastation and hundreds dead.

Apparently, it could get worse.

And some parts of the world are having it really bad with sweltering temperatures reaching as high as 50 C, wild wide fires and some other areas, experiencing endless torrential rainfalls. It is all too clear, these are the downsides of global warming.

The UN climate report, authored by 200 scientists highlights human activity as the main driver, influencing the change in climate. While the report is no surprise, it is optimistic about the role we as humans can and must play to transform the current code red from a state of emergency towards one that is stable.

However, scientists are also hopeful that with STRONG and SUSTAINED actions, HUMANS can make all the difference.
Exploring the UNESCO world heritage of windmills in South Holland with my zerowaste bagpack

Humans, like the Dutch, who ingeniously harnessed wind into an exceptionally unique water draining system that essentially led to the creation of dry land on what was once considered not habitable. Indeed human wits, technology and nature can work TOGETHER to transform a dire and even deadly situation into one of light and hope.

Choose to Create

Daniel Bernadus, an author and a religious biologist fascinated by life, especially human life states in one of his books – “There are many alternatives in our lives and the most interesting thing about practical life is FINDING ALTERNATIVES”.

It is important to realize than human beings are capable of alternatives because we have the freedom to do so, for it is about using our freedom wisely to choose to invent alternatives, superior ones and hence not succumb to problems.

Alternatives, accordingly to Daniel are not to be found in short term solutions or quick wins but rather by slowly and preferably in a relaxed manner to constructively converse and collaborate with others to create in a win win win fashion.

For creating with our head, hearts & hands particularly when done with love, enables us to express the best of our human nature, one that cares, restores and sustains and not destroy, degrade or throw-away like these kids found out during our summer tie dye workshop.

Join the Conversation

No problem can be fully understood by looking at it from one point of view rather an interdisciplinary perspective is required.

Challenges like climate change and rapid global warming can only be solved by having a deeper appreciation of the problem and interdisciplinary collaborations are critical for making the necessary connections, create a broader picture and then gain better understand towards sustainable solutions.

For every challenge involves overcoming obstacles but it starts by facing it together, listening with attention to another reasoned point of view and thus avoid downplaying, denying and delaying the discovery of authentic new ways.

And so you are invited to be part of a dialogue, a creative conversation to give your voice, your view, your opinion on a matter that is bigger than our individual sub-speciality area.

Join us as we explore and expand our understanding at the Soka Energy and Climate Change event where I will be moderating with four tech experts.

The Program (NOTE: Below are links to the recordings from the actual event):

12:00 – 13:00: Networking & Lunch Buffet

13.00 – 13.10: Introduction by Moderator, Christy Aikhorin

15.45 – 16.00: Wrap up & Close

And NO, you do not need to be an energy or tech expert, for we wish to have as many varied voices present!

The Energy & Climate Change event is:

  • Hybrid, so both LIVE in the Netherlands & VIRTUAL

  • From 12:00 till 16:00 CET

  • Includes a luxurious lunch buffet from 5 Star Europrof Horeca

  • Absolutely great value for money, € 35 (students 20,-) or just € 10 if attending virtual. Now, tell me the last time you got a deal this good?

  • Global as the 4 speakers come from India, Nigeria, New Zealand & Netherlands

Then register at


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