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Creative Courage

To Discover New Possibilities, Be Open to them.

By Christy Aikhorin 13/01/2022

I have been rather congested with so many scattered thoughts flowing through my mind, about last year, what will the year 2022 bring, will the lockdown be lifted, how do I set my goals to align with my intent of the year....bla bla bla, I had no cohesive flow of words for a while but today as I stepped into the stillness of a church on Parkstaat, The Hague there came an outpouring of words, that stood out in sharp contrast and so here goes my very first blog of the year, a year that began with a lock down due to Covid-19, though we are in 2022!

Above this open door reads: I am the door of the sheep
An open door with text above that reads" I am the door of the sheep": A welcome sign during Netherlands Lockdown

New Year, New Resolutions.... Really???

The typical thing at the begining of a year seems to be to establish some new resolutions, new goals and targets, which to be honest, I find rather tedious, some what boring and to say the least, unmotivating, wondering why focus is not rather given to being thankful for welcoming a new year and inspired by the lessons acquired from the previous year.

And then I read Lana Jelenjev article on Intentions setting and thought, well that is more like it, deep yet practical and yes, much more revigorating for an "INTENTION is a guiding principle on how you want to live, show up, make yourself be visible".

So, How Do You Want to Live, Show up & Be Visible?

Lana recommends focusing on one word intention with the above question in mind. So sitting in the quiet of the church on Parkstraat, which is where this blog was mentally crafted, I reflected on my one word intention for 2022.

Okay, I have to cheat here as one word will not cover my intentions for 2022 given the abundant lessons I acquired from my experiences and encounters of 2021 plus of course all the years before that, when I consciously decided to be intentional about living, which led to the creation of