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Sustainability......way to Happiness!

Following my last blog, I carried out some research and discovered that I am "in love". Hmmm.....I knew this would get your attention :)

Yes, I have fallen head over heels with Sustainability and intend taking steps....okay, some may consider it drastic leaps, to make sustainability part of my everyday life.

Below are four ways I intend living a more sustainable life and invite you to consider making some yours, if you have not started.....take the challenge and have some fun! Before I proceed, perhaps it's important I introduce my new found love....Sustainability.

There are tons of definitions for sustainability referring to it as the ability to sustain or allow to last for a long time or improving the quality of life, etc. However, Duurzame meisjes definition recently caught my attention and resonated so well with me. Point 4 of this article defines "Sustainable shopping as the effort to find that outfit that makes you happy". I had never really connected sustainability with happiness till I read this.

So, I define Sustainability as the effort to discover "consciously" all that makes me happy. For when I am happy, I can help make my world a truly better place. I realize that like all relationships, Sustainability requires effort and time BUT the "net" result shall be fulfilled happiness. This concept is who, what and why I am madly in love! How to make Sustainability a reality....

1. Gain more knowledge: Read, read read and read as much as possible and preferably make it the trees! I try to read at least one article everyday on this subject. You know what they say, you spend time with those you love. This is how I spend time with Sustainability! I have even started a course on the subject...okay perhaps this is taking it too far! But you get the point😉

My first major article was Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato si where he reminds humanity of our joint responsibility to care for our common home. This extends not just to the walls around your personal house and work space (if they are separate). It is more than your village, city or country.....the world is a global village, what you do in your backyard affects millions across the globe in another continent and I find that reading enables me to understand just how interconnected we are

My latest read is Sustainability, without the hot air by David MacKay and the facts & numbers presented therein are quite mind blowing to say the least.

2. The way you move matters! No I don't mean your dancing vibes...though that is important.

I am referring to TRANSPORT, which my seven year old defines as the means of moving from one place to another. I further asked her to name some examples, she went "car, trains, planes...think think think....motor bike...hmmm bicycle, hot air balloon...oh mum why do I have to do this!" Thank goodness she