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DIY & get that perfect outfit!

Body Measurement Tape in cm & inches

Following my last blog, I intend dedicating a couple of blogs to DIY as this is definitely a way to live sustainably.....Oh yes it is!

A friend of mine recently wanted a UnikOutfit to which I said, "yes, but I need your measurements". I offered her 3 simple measuring steps and thought off you go, but she looked at me strangely and said...." I don't have a measuring tape". Really, you don't own a measuring tape for body measurements?....I wonder how many of you reading this fall under this category. If you belong to this group, just email me and a measuring tape is on its way to you.

The humble body measuring tape should be in every household, I mean we all wear clothes, right? (I hope the answer is a yes) and want to have a perfect fit! For the perfect fit, you need clothes customized to suit your body shape and size.

How many times have you seen an outfit and think.....I want that exact outfit. You rush out to the shop or even hit some buttons on your mobile phone to shop online. You think, "I know my size... a nice EU 36". You purchase the outfit, 2 days later it arrives and upon trying it on you does not fit, at least not like how it looked on the model in the photo.....S#!t.

I bet you do one of the following when you purchase an outfit that does not fit the way you expected it:

2. Keep it in wardrobe as it is too much of an effort to return back to shop and try forget about it. This equates waste of money, time and good wardrobe space and definitely not sustainable.

3. Consider adjusting it, so it fits you......guess what? For this option, you need your body measurements. Either you adjust it yourself or you take it to a tailor to work his/her magic. Which ever way, you need that measuring tape to get a perfect fit. In addition, you spend more time and perhaps good money.

Well, there is one more option, resell/Swop the outfit or give it away as a gift to someone else. I have to say this is better than options 1 & 2, but doubt most of us come this far.

Get Your Perfect Fit

To save yourself all the hassle, rather get outfits that fits you the first time! How? I hear you say...easy. DIY your body measurements and start shopping for customized outfits. This is what UnikBlends is all about! You are guaranteed good value for your money, a perfect fit and you can tick the sustainability buttons.

Taking your body measurement is super is not rocket science. Below are the 3 simple steps I requested my friend to take to get her skirt:

Grab a measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror (You could also ask someone to help you)

1. Measure your waist - this is the narrowest part of your waist

2. Measure your hip - this is the largest part of your hips

3. Measure your desired skirt length

Note these measurements and you are done...easy peasy!

If you are not convinced it is that easy to get a perfect me and try it out!

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