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Creativity First.....Everyday!

Created by my son from ordinary plastic beads!

Created by my son from ordinary beads!

I have recently realized just how important creativity is, to the extent that it determines our sustainability.......our very survival!

Simply put, creativity is the ability to create new things or think of new ideas to solve everyday concerns.

Going by Maslow’s “hierarchy of needs”, creativity sits right at the top of modern society needs in order to survive.

Now now now... do I hear you say "I am not creative" ?. I have said the same several times in the past but this was before I understood what creativity really meant and its essence.

Have you had any day when you did not need to get something done? Like get dressed, brush your hair, eat, sleep, exercise, get from point A to B, attend a meeting, the list is endless? Amazingly, these are all are ample opportunities to get creative. You see creativity is breaking away from the routine to doing things differently....this is how great ideas are born!

As mentioned earlier, I never considered myself to be creative but I easily, so easily get bored with routine. So bored, that I would look for alternative paths to get work, set a meal differently on a plate, change lunch dates, take up new assignments at work, write my report in color....I was being creative and solving my dislike for routine without even knowing it. You don't need to be an expert to be innovative and creative....just be yourself, your true authentic self because that is the difference you bring to solving everyday concerns. And notice, I am not talking about great big impossible stuff....just normal everyday business.

This is why I define creativity as the ability to transform the ordinary into something Extraordinary by applying your authentic self or process.

Me...transformed an ordinary blouse into an extraordinary outfit.