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Speed kills...the sting of fast fashion!

Just think about it for a minute, most things done at extreme speed (not just driving) are considered expensive, highly dangerous and deadly due to the risks involved. They may have a high dose of adrenaline rush and a sense of adventure but they are likely not sustainable and definitely not for everyone.

Speed has the inherent characteristic of turning a potential good into something treacherous due to the loss of control. Consider rapid urbanization, fast driving, extreme sport, fast food, speed dating, to mention a few examples.

While some people may opt to partake in extreme activities, I do not understand why main-stream fashion has insisted on making it the norm. I am referring to fast fashion!

The textile and apparel industry is considered to be one of the most polluting industries, currently ranked as the second dirtiest, next to big oil.

The social and environmental impact of our garments, throughout their life cycle is staggering. This is due to the use of cheap human labour, application of vast amounts of energy, water, synthetic materials, hazardous chemicals and most regrettably, a humongous amount waste.

This is made worse by the sheer speed at which the market insists the latest fashion must be brought to our wardrobes. Latest fashion trends make their way into our lives on a weekly basis! The true cost of what we wear is, unfortunately, not reflected on the price tags.

Time to ......slow down

Drastic action is required to put a stop to the insane speed at which we consume and discard our clothes. Our fashion and clothing habits need to become sustainable! As end users of the clothing industry, we (individuals) are responsible for reducing the impact we have on our planet. There are several effective ways to achieve this and some tips can be found on my previous blogs.

1. Think before you shop

It does not matter that the price tag reads 50% off. Need is not the same thing as want, like, feels good.....rather save your money to buy what you NEED.

2. Buy Quality, not quantity

Yes, eventually we all need to buy some clothes. So rather buy those that last and are worth every dime spent. Create your look with quality clothes. This would go a long way to reduce the amount of waste generated from discarding cheap, poor quality clothes from fast fashion retailers.

3. Sustainable fashion...the new catch phrase!

Since having the trendiest fashion most likely means cheap fashion, which implies little to no regard for the environment and people, I suggest we adopt a new shopping motto....sustainable fashion!

This requires a different shopping attitude which is committed to reducing our negative impact on the environment, global resources and people's lives. The good news is that there are several ways to achieve this and still look trendy!

So, slow down to stay alive.......get sustainable!

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