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ReFashion..... Colour, Nature & People

A Tale of 2 Continents

I have lived in 2 continents for my 30+ years: Africa and Europe. Growing up in my birth country, Nigeria, I never really noticed the bright and colorful fabrics worn daily by those around me. I simply took the bold and elaborate patterned African fabrics worn effortlessly by family and friends for granted until I moved to The Netherlands and experienced by first cold, dark winter. I immediately noticed the absence of warm, bright colors. I however soon learnt to find color somewhere nature, though of a different kind.

Nature's colors are much soft, intricate and ever changing with the seasons, but very much present. Spending time with nature is a habit, a very healthy one. Almost freely, nature offers her beauty and tranquility, asking for little in return. Nature ask that we take only what we need and leave the rest for future generations. People need nature and vice versa.

Inspired by Nature

My love for color, made me discover nature and nature made me realize how dependent she is on people. Nature teaches one the need to live sustainably, to rethink the way we go about our daily activities, so as to reduce our negative impact and footprint. So important is this lesson, that it led to the theme of UnikBlends and Swopster event!