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Now the wedding is over, what to do with the leftovers?

The question raised here is not referring to the most obvious, drinks and those dealing with a hangover, too drunk to find their way home:)

With leftovers, I am referring to the less obvious....the exceptionally expensive outfits made specially for such an occasion... you know, the eloquent dress of the bride and her maids. In particular, I am referring to all the geles (head gears) and Aso ebis (uniform-like fabrics) elegantly styled and worn by the numerous guests to a 'typical" West African/Nigerian wedding fiasco!

Geles, African head ties worn by ladies to special events such as weddings

Gele and Aso ebi are gorgeous fabrics specially chosen such that the invitee is required to wear on the day of the occasion. These fabrics can be styled in anyway the guest like but they should be worn so as to be recognized as an important guest who has some form of relationship to the celebrant(s). Geles and Aso ebi must be carefully taken into consideration as part of the wedding plan, they are just as important as the guest list, venue or menu for the day.

Geles are head gears (head tie), expertly tied such that the outcome looks like it is competing with the wedding cake. These days, you may need to order your gele with a professional to tie it up and you have to do this on time to ensure you are not left standing out there alone with nothing on your head.

Each wedding is unique and so are gele and Aso ebis! No one wants you to repeat your outfit to their no no! So, hence the question begs....what to do with all the geles and Aso ebis acquired from the several weddings attended in ones adult lifetime?