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Summer Time, Take Your Time.

Picnic time made easy: The Kira Skirt with matching Wine bag, Recycled Aso-Oke head tie transformed into a picnic mat and matching cushion pillow

It's finally that time of the year to slow down and just soak up the sun. Great time to be outdoors in nature, by yourself or with family and friends for a picnic, a BBQ, a deep at the beach and just let the breeze blow away all your worries........why worry really??

The Pleated Knee length skirt: Blendup with red, black, white and grey tops

Time to say no to busyness and engage in refreshingly relaxing activities.

Away from your daily routine of work, school runs, laptops and mindless mobile texting.

....Time for walking, hiking and biking.

Step Out

Summer makes everything truly come alive, colours look more radiant with loads of happiness, laughter and smiles to capture. Suddenly, the world seems to be a place of amazing possibilities and wonder - though it is always like this but hard to see if you do not step outside and look at what surrounds you.

Soak it all up

You suddenly have time to expand your mind and be more aware of your environment.

Its a great opportunity to slow down and invest your latent energy into something creatively adventurous.

It is certainly the time to rock your summer skirts and be the true lady. No layers of covers, with the excuse of "its too cold".

Freely express your authentic self this summer and be unique!

Do more with Less...the fun sustainable way

However take care not to spend your hard earned money on fast, cheap, non-lasting outfits, just for the sake of a summer. Looking great does not need to be stressful, ordinary and wasteful.

One Skirt, Several Blends

Get a couple of quality skirts with great colours and patterns. These readily offer themselves to be blended with several tops, creating stylishly unique outfits with each blend.

This way, you do more with just one skirt, which can be used for several seasons and save Mama earth from waste, arising from quickly discarded outfits. Plus summer travel is made easier, economical and smart as you need to take much fewer clothing.

Erica, Created Classic Vintage looks with her UnikSkirt

Discover Your Personal Style!

One simply great way to save your money and avoid adding to the pile of forgotten clothes in your closet, which could be for a number of reasons, is to have something you truly love and that fits and suits your personal style. The fact is that you treasure what you love, making it last!

At UnikBlends, we encourage you to go even further, by engaging you in the actual creative process of transforming a wish into a wearable reality. This is because we believe "everyone is born creative" and what better way to explore this creativity than through the very clothes we wear - EVERYDAY!

By following our slow clothing steps of reflection and sustainable resourcing, a conscious style project is realized, whereby you get to create your very own original UnikSkirt.

The 3 Basic Steps are:

1. Take Your Time to find a style you really want - We recommend taking your time because this is how timeless masterpieces are created.

2. Choose The Fabric that suits you and allows you do more with less. Preferably the chosen piece should be a pre-loved or irresistible second-hand fabric that can be recycled. If this is a challenge for you, UnikBlends supports you by recommending carefully selected fabrics from which you can choose from.

3. Lastly, Get the perfect look by capturing your body measurements - Only 3 measurements are needed to sew your dazzling skirt.

DIY measurement to get your perfect look

A conscious style is one that goes beyond mere physical appearances to capture an individual's authentic style through a creatively slow process, resulting in a vintage piece that bears personal meaning, priceless value and endless possibilities.

For us, it is an inclusive, sustainable and socially responsible way to transform sustainable-sourced fabrics into unique clothing to last a life time, serving people and protecting the planet. It is style with a difference that is NOT meant for consumption with premature disposal but brings about continuous joy and timeless smiles!

Self Designed and Tailored Skirt with TabiWax Fabric

So, if you have never participated in the creation of a clothing item, its certainly time to get started - take a summer stroll, spot a style and then contact us.

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