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Fariba's Story

Authentic Fashion for Women with Real Stories

Photos by Lucille Pilot

Fariba: A beautiful lady; inside out, from Iran

She is calmly poised and proudly wearing one of UnikBlends earrings - I just love how this image of her is captured. A true heroine in every sense.

She allowed us to not only share this lovely photo of her but also her story of perseverance in a foreign land which she has come to embrace proudly.

Fariba and I at my Birthday Party and Love T-shirt Launch!

Once a swimming companion (she has gone ahead to get an advanced swimming diploma, while I have stopped at the basics - lazy me!) and now a very great friend of mine!

Fariba is a solid and intelligent architect, who came to the Netherlands 7 years ago and had to restart all over in building her life.

She could not work immediately on her study visa and neither could she afford to study as a foreigner in her desired field due to the high study fees.

She decided to learn Dutch as she believed this would enable her secure a job, any job and she did. She started by giving private lessons in mathematics, computer programming and related subjects.

Then slowly, she gradually built a network and was offered small project as a designer and then through one of her connections, she secured a freelance job as a draftswoman in a big electronic company.

After gaining some experience, she found a job in Amsterdam, as a interior architect but unfortunately, the company went bankrupt and she had to go back job hunting.

Fariba and I learning to do the Salsa at my birthday party