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Karolina's Story....Genius at Repurposing

In the spirit of Fashion Revolution Week, this month's story is dedicated to one of the designers UnikBlends collaborate with to transform repurposed African fabrics into authentic custom made outfits and unique accessories.

Karolina, Talented Designers and Beautiful Model!

Karolina is from Poland, now living in the Netherlands. She is a mother of 3 kids, aged between 16 and 3 years old, the gap between her children ages, is very interesting, just like Karolina herself, who has a passion for tailoring, a gene that seem to have been passed along from generations of women in her family.

Karolina, is responsible for most of UnikBlends repairs and repurposing projects. She gets a kick in experimenting with different fabrics, exploring new patterns and designs and creatively transforms them into amazingly new fashionable outfits and accessories, including curtains and luxurious cushion pillows.

Wakanda Tees with heart patches made from recycled African fabrics
Karolina with little Mia in their Wakanda Tees with heart patches made from recycled fabrics by Karolina herself.

Karolina's love for detail and quality finishing leaves you almost paralyzed with joy, as you behold what was once abandoned and brought into refreshing new life and functionality……..such is Karolina’s gifted talent!

Though Karolina has a Master’s degree in control management, after living in the Netherlands for almost 3 years she decided to restart the sewing part of her life. She launched Tailor_ka, through which she is able to continue the sewing legacy of her family by providing timely and convenient repaires and custom-made tailoring services.