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Save the Planet...Take a GoodBag

No to Plastic Bags

Perhaps you have experienced the same thing - couple of times, I have had to carry my shopping in my hands ...literally. This is due to the policy passed in The Netherlands in 2016 banning free plastic bags. Furthermore,

With the amount of harmful plastic litter in oceans and seas growing ever greater, the EU is set to restrict single-use plastic products most often found on Europe's beaches and seas.

Summer fun can be good and clean

Initially, abiding by this new rule, was a nuisance as I tend to forget to take a bag when I go shopping especially for "ancidential" shopping. You know how it is, you go out for lunch, walk through the shops, see something you need...perhaps its just something you want and then you grab it. Then you think, oh that will be good for dinner and oh, that is half price and before you know it, you have a full shopping bag only that you don't actually have a bag to put your shopping!

Shop with a goodbag: The ShopperBag

Well, as the actual cost of each of plastic bag on the environment is

The Zerowaste ShopperBag

definitely more than 20cents, I have decided to have atleast one #goodbag with me ...all the time. By good, I mean they are Reusable, Reversible, Washable, Durable and of course Stylish.

What was once considered a nuisance is really an opportunity to be creative, sustainable conscious and fashionable as we now have a collection of multi-functional zerowaste UnikBags.

All our UnikBags are handmade from repurposed fabrics as we aim to avoid waste. You can get yours, anytime from UnikBlends Shop.

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