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PM at Day, Zumba Maniac by Night….

Busy managing project

This is Patricia, the mother of 2 brilliant girls, an incredible project manager (PM), whom I thought was another full-time working parent and whose daughter shared a class with my son. I came to discover a completely different side of this power house lady..........

Patricia comes across as energetic which can be quite contagious as whenever I finish speaking with her I seem to be energized and often wondered how such a tiny framed lady could be this vibrant, little did I know she is a Zumba Master!

I was informed about Patricia's side hustle by another friend, as we discussed the stress related in raising kids in a foreign country whilst holding on to advancing in our careers and the need to engage in other activities that took care of body, soul and mind. I am no sport freak but I know the benefits of actively staying fit and was looking for another activity to compliment my weekly jogging. I wanted a dance-like programme that I would enjoy and enable me burn out some stress from my hectic hours of office day work.

Zumba”, my friend exclaimed!

“You have to go to Patricia’s zumba class”.

I was surprised, “surely not Patricia, the small Spanish lady?” “Yes” was my friend's response!

I immediately contacted Patricia and not long there after, was signed up for my first zumba lesson at SportSchool Kenny Evers in Voorburg, which is a convenient bike ride away from home…talk about a problem shared as half solved! I pestered Patricia to tell me how she became a zumba Instructor, I was just so curious to understand. As a working mother myself, with a vibrant side hustle (UnikBlends), I am most thrilled and impressed by how Patricia manages to combine her passion with an intensive day job as a PM.

Patricia has been most gracious in sharing her story and hope her journey spurs you on to unleash your talents and be the best version of yourselves.

Patricia's zumba classes in graffiti

Aligning Body, Soul and Mind

Along Jose Antonio Street in Boadilla del Monte, between the years 1983 and 1985, which was at this time, a rather small city in the surroundings of Madrid, you may have seen in one of the portals, a girl practicing day in, day out with immense constancy, her dancing choreographs. Using the mirror effect created on the glass of the main door, by the reflection of the light inside the building and the darkness outside, completely oblivious to stares of observers on the street.

That ‘always-dancing’ little girl, became a dancing teenage