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The Radical Act!

I have always loved being surrounded by vibrant colours and this became heightened when I relocated to The Netherlands.

Presenting the act of repurposing at InnovEthik Paris Fashion Week

Growing up in Nigeria, and later on in South Africa, I was surrounded by loads of bright and colourful fabrics. In Europe on the other hand, clothes tend to be darker-toned or employ fewer colour combinations.

I created UnikBlends, among other reasons, to bring some of the vibrant African Fabrics colours to my home in the Netherlands and share them with others. Colours make us feel alive, and their beauty could be likened to our need for clean water and clean air.

Outfit of the day, inspired from repurposed African fabrics

My love for colours was such that for my wedding, I desired a Bold, Beautiful and Bright gown, with vibrant earthy colours. I still wish I stuck out the 'war' I had with my sister and parents over what ended up as a 'white' wedding gown.

Reflecting back on on that day, which is over 11 years ago, my entire wedding was actually a fusion, a true unique blend of a number of cultures and style - for I have always been one who loves blending and creating combinations with lasting memories.

My living room adorned with my traditional wedding asooke...11years on.

Time for Zerowaste

I regard the typical Nigerian wedding as some sort of fashion fiasco, defined by large gatherings of people, all decked out in colourful attires and women adorned with incredible head gears, called 'geles'.

For those yet to witness a Nigerian wedding, Nollywood has done a great job to capture a flavour of what happens at a typical 'Naija' wedding par