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Food Fair goes Green as it turns 50!

The International Food Fair in The Hague is easily my favorite annual event as it brings great food, unique handmade goodies and pure entertainment from all over the world to support carefully selected charities across the globe.

All are welcomed!

I have attended this annual event over the past 10 years with my family and each time is always different with at least one new discovery made. Such as trying out a new dish from a country or listening/singing along to a song in a language never heard before to winning a 100 bottles of wine. Yes, I won the second raffle draw prize!

My 100 bottles of wine: 2010 raffle draw 2nd prize

Last year, I decided to have a stand, which was different from my previous years, as I offered handmade products and services that had not been part of the fair. A colorful fusion of sustainably sourced African fabrics with a touch of western style, hence the name UnikBlends.

Happy visitors at 2017 UnikBlends Stand

I shall be there this year again, offering you the opportunity to experience the African gele. So visit UnikBlends' stand on the 2nd floor, I will be waiting for you.

Experience the happy colours of Africa in a unique way

This year is extra special for two main reasons:

1. It is the 50th anniversary of this once humble event, which started with only 2 tables and now, has more than 35 stands with food from several nationalities. All with the common aim of raising funds for charities and bringing joy, as we share, serve and surprise each other.

An array of bio-degradables to serve your food

2. Food Fair goes GREEN! What does this mean?

With so much food, drinks, goodies and people having so much fun, it is not difficult to imagine the amount of trash generated. The Food Fair committee and a newly formed 'Green" Team have taken real actions to transform this very busy event with over 3000 visitors into one that actively considers its impact on the environment by focusing on the using less plastic compared to earlier years.

Food Fair is phasing out plastics, which take several decades to decompose and is introducing bio-degradable plates, cups, take-away containers and cutlery.

Martin, Green coordinator explains the phasing our of plastics

Furthermore, for the first time ever, Food Fair shall separate its waste, by providing 3 set of bins in any given location:


However for these initiative to realize their full potential, it requires the full cooperation of everyone: volunteers, organizers, stand owners and of course YOU, our visitors. This would make the event to be truly fair in every sense, taking better care of people and planet.

See you and lets make a difference.

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