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Treasure the New Reality

Earlier this year, when schools were still open and was taken for granted, for I did not foresee homeschooling as a reality, I had the opportunity of sharing my “treasure” with my 8-year-old son and his classmates.

A brilliant model from HSV KSS ID4 Class of 2019/2020

Treasure is one of the topics covered as part of the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) that focuses on archaeologists’ findings, linking it to other learning objectives in History, Geography, Art and Technology. Subjects that did not receive much attention during my primary education but I believe are incredibly vital in gaining fundamental understanding of our global world with her rich and diverse cultures. I was particularly thrilled when Mr Beattie, my son’s teacher invited parents to share with his class what we considered as treasure.

I jumped at the chance of sharing my story, the creation of this social enterprise; UnikBlends, which was discovered while living through one of the darkest periods of my life for pain cannot always be avoided but when embraced can become a beautiful catalyst for learning and change.

Reframe, Rediscover and Reinvent

All too often, powerful experiences emerge from embracing the pain that confronts us when faced with discomfort and disruption. Life is narrow & uncertain and responding with default reactive and autopilot actions only make us miss the opportunities that arise from new challenges. This I realized some years ago when I had a ruptured appendix and narrowly missed death. For a while I was very angry. Angry and upset because I did not accept my own responsibility to create a meaningful body of work that is rooted in my purpose. Afterall, I was busy with what everyone else defined as classically ‘important’! But I forgot to live, to have a life that is nourishing, strengthened and sustained by own unique identity, roots and values.

Thankfully, my recovery led way for self-retrospection. I had an awakening in which I realized I had limited time to effectively live a fulfilling and authentically happy life. Though this period was painfully difficult and confusing, I slowly and intentionally reframed the story I was telling myself by reminding myself of what truly matters, of what I love, cherish and treasure for amid the darkness, even the tiniest ray shines through. My passions, priorities and projects became clear to me, I was suddenly reenergized and hopeful, I had hope in the certainty of the impossible because I could start again in reinventing my story

…. and you are most welcomed to enjoy the story which I shared with Mr Beattie's class.

On my tradaitional wedding day, 28th Sept. 2007 in Jos, Nigeria.

It started with my traditional wedding attire, which was made from an indigenous handwoven fabric known as "Aso Oke" in Nigeria and for a while upon relocating to The Netherlands, were abandoned in the attic. </